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Christianna Clark

Managing Supervisor/Lead Machine Learning Data Engineer


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Christianna Clark is the Managing Supervisor overseeing Machine Learning Data Engineering at Methods+Mastery. She has a passion for system design, data architectures, optimizing full-cycle machine learning workflows, and developing pipelines to integrate seamless communication across varying services. Prior to Methods+Mastery, Christianna was a Machine Learning Engineer at Talentpair located in Portland OR. While there she led the design of the Machine Learning Operations architecture, researched and developed multiple Natural Language Processing models for candidate to job matching, and integrated Machine Learning models into the Talentpair API platform. From Astronautics to Archeology, Christianna has had the pleasure of applying her knowledge of software development and machine learning to a variety of industries. Outside of her career, she enjoys giving back to the needs of her community, contributing both educationally and in humanitarian efforts. She currently lives in Austin, TX with her fluffy roommates: Mr. B, Jelly, and Nibbler.


May 25, 2022
5:40 PM UTC

Riding Upon the Shoulders of the Imperfect

In 2020 the DICE’s Tech Job Report listed Data Engineering as the fastest growing job in 2019, growing 50% YoY. With more and more tools being developed to help answer the demand for automated data system solutions, we would think the time spent maintaining these systems would be going down greatly--but it’s not. It is estimated that Data Engineers still spend 56% of their time on executing their systems and only 22% on the innovation that delivers value. So why is this? In her talk Riding Upon the Shoulders of the Imperfect, Christianna Clark implores us to stop thinking like data engineers and start thinking like agile software developers, through the defiance of perfection and the embrace of the imperfect.

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