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Glen-Erik Cortés

ML Engineering Manager

Royal Caribbean Group

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Glen-Erik is the head of ML Engineering at Royal Caribbean where he led the design and implementation of the ML Platform currently used by all Data Scientists. He has 14 years of experience in Data Analytics with 9 years at Procter & Gamble. He holds an MBA from IE Business School. Glen-Erik is passionate about finding business opportunities for Machine Learning use cases, seamless integration into existing business processes, scalability and robustness of ML solutions, code modularity and reusability, and overall solution design and architecture.


May 26, 2022
6:40 PM UTC

Accelerating Development and Delivery of ML Solutions using Sandboxed Environments, Version Control, and Modular Design

Deployment of Machine Learning (ML) solutions remains an industry challenge with nearly 80% of projects reportedly never making it to Production. However, increasing maturity around MLOps is making it easier for ML teams to deliver robust and transparent ML solutions that are easy to iterate on when working in teams. In this talk, we focus on: • the use of separated Development, QA, and Production environments and the ability to compare outputs between sandboxed environments. • proper git branching methodology for team collaboration. • the importance of breaking down the solution into separate steps to facilitate monitoring, debugging, and speed up overall development. Discussed technologies will include Databricks, Git, MLFlow, and DevOps, but the chat will focus on overall strategy and principles, so the ideas can be applied with different tech stacks.

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