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Linda Liu

Director, Data Analytics & Data Science


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Linda Liu has extensive experience helping a business build analytics and data science foundations as well as roadmaps that empower data-driven decisions and improve user experience across the organization. She is also a big advocate for cultivating a data centric culture that enables teams across the business to better utilize data and analysis and bring added value to the day to day work.


May 26, 2022
5:40 PM UTC

Supercharging Big Data Automation Pipeline Engine

Regardless of size, industry, or market, big data has become an intrinsic part of a company's road to success. Often, how a company's big data initiatives turn out can be a telling story on its fortunes and outlook. We are all no longer strangers to pipelines bridging the divide between the raw and curated. Needless to say, automation plays a key role in tackling big data initiatives. Automation pipelines are must-haves in the pursuit of big data success. The engine that creates those pipelines deserves special attention. How do we go beyond the traditional automation pipelines to increase "capitalization" in driving business growth and success? What can we do to supercharge that engine to increase data product utilization and value to end users? In this talk, Linda Liu will share her tweaks on tuning and adding enhancements to maximize the big data automation pipeline engine performance.

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