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Pavani Rangavajhula

Senior Data Engineer


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Pavani works as a Senior Data Engineer in Data Platform team at ecobee. Her day to day work involves working on data provisions, MLOps and working with Data Scientists to help deploy models to production. She is passionate about ML/AI and Data world and is an avid learner. She likes to spend her spare time with her puppy Mylo and catching up on Netflix.


May 26, 2022
6:10 PM UTC

Controlled Releases - How to Enforce Safe Data Pipeline Releases

CI/CD, DevOps and PRs have been few of the best practices for SDE for years. These practices have assured incremental delivery and necessary gates for production systems. Since data engineering and ML Engineering has become more mainstream in recent years, these best practices are being incorporated into delivery of these systems as well. We will go through some best practices that are applicable in general and also those that are particularly applicable to ML, data systems. We will cover GHA, PR reviews and how we incorporate vulnerability scan on libraries.

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