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Scott Shi

Co-Founder and CTO


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Scott Shi is the co-founder and CTO of ZettaBlock, a startup building essential data infrastructure for web3. Scott led the cross-functional initiative at Uber to build the safety report, one of the most important data as a product released public in the US. Scott has over a decade of experience in engineering, at companies like Uber, Salesforce, and EA before.


May 25, 2022
6:10 PM UTC

From Billions of Tickets to a Few Thousand that Matter, the Data Journey of Uber safety Report

In 2019, nearly 4 million Uber trips happened every day in the US — more than 45 rides every second. Only 0.0003% of trips had a report of a critical safety incident. As the engineering lead, Scott initiated, designed, built, and maintained a complex data system to systematically and accurately classify critical safety incidents. In this talk, Scott will share the learnings about data quality from this 2 years journey.

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