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Segun Adelowo

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Interswitch Group

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Segun Adelowo is a software engineer, data professional and mentor. With years of experience in system design, application development, data science and machine learning engineering, building payment and data products. He has led engineering and data science teams to create revenue-generating products.


May 26, 2022
6:40 PM UTC

Maintain Simplicity in Keeping Data Fresh, Accurate and Reliable

Companies experiencing growth and using data generated for internal processes or value realisation over time add new features, rules and business processes to the data flow, which eventually gets complicated to a point where changing or updating features or lines of code get some push back from data professionals for fear of breaking pipelines or computation logic embedded in layers of code and conditions, this results in stale, inaccurate and eventually unreliable data. A proper holistic review of the data systems with management buy-in to reduce/remove complexity through the splitting of these processes into single responsibility components, by adding governance, continuous collaboration with domain experts and education of the organisation's data users. This simplification will go a long way to ensure the organisation gets value from the data systems and scales accordingly.

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