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Shailvi Wakhlu

Sr. Director of Data


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Shailvi is the Sr. Director of Data at Strava, where she leads a large team of product analysts and machine learning engineers to enable data-informed product improvements in support of Strava Athletes. In the past, she worked at Salesforce, Fitbit, and multiple other data-rich companies, in addition to previously running her own company. As a data leader, she focuses on harnessing the power of data to build great products, clarify strategic direction, and improve business processes. She is also a passionate mentor in the community and spends her spare time volunteering for programs that further STEM education for minorities.


May 25, 2022
5:10 PM UTC

Data Fitness for a Healthy Business

Data insights can only be as good as the quality of the data they're based on. Businesses use data to make good decisions, that can help supercharge positive outcomes. If the data they use to make those decisions are of low quality, there is a high chance that the results will be low quality as well. Inaccuracies and biases in your data can result in costly mistakes. In this talk, I highlight the typical lifecycle of data and the phases where bad data sneaks in. Knowing this, and understanding the importance of high data quality is the best way to prevent problems that are caused by poor data quality.

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